The Many Benefits of Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCDs)
(aka IRA Rollovers)

Presented by Alvin H. Blitz, Esq., Chief Gift Planning Officer, Masonic Charities

What is a Qualified Charitable distribution (QCD)

  • A tax-free distribution to a “qualified” charity from a traditional IRA
  • IRA Owner must be at least age 701/2 to qualify for a QCD
  • The QCD amount is NOT included in the adjusted gross income of the IRA Owner
  • The IRA Owner cannot distribute more that $100,000 in QCDs in a calendar year
  • The IRA Owner does NOT get a charitable deduction since the QCD is not included in income

Guidelines for QCDs

  • Make sure QCD is for a “qualified” charity. Supporting organizations, donor-advised funds and private foundations are excluded.
  • Contact your financial advisor or go to the website for your IRA account and download the IRA distribution form. I would seek advise the first time you do this.
  • The check MUST be made out to the charity but can be sent to the charity or your address to be delivered to the charity.
  • NOTIFY the charity the check is coming or it may not know who it came from.
  • Can use QCD to pay pledges but not to fund planned gifts such as charitable gift annuities and charitable remainder trusts
  • Cannot use. For ”quid pro quo” gifts such as tickets for banquets or ballgames
  • Works best for Required Minimum Distributions (RMD) where donor diverts RMD to charity to avoid taxation
  • For 2020, IRA Owners do not have to take RMD
  • QCD is age 701/2 or older but under SECURE Act, IRA owners are not required to take RMD until age 72 if they turned 701/2 after December 31, 2019.

IRA Actions by Donor

  • Make request for check from IRA custodian. (See sample letter at end of presentation
  • Send charity notice that QCD is coming and what it is for. (see sample at end of presentation)
  • Make sure check is in the mail or delivered by December 31 of year of withdrawal
  • Make sure charity sends the required tax acknowledgement letter.

Possible Benefits of QCD Over Cash Gift

  • For nonitemizers, a QCD is the best way to give to charity since the donor does not have to take the QCD income
  • Once the donor makes his her first QCD, it becomes a simple way to give
  • Using a QCD to reduce RMD could avoid higher taxation on social Security benefits
  • For large IRA owners, using a QCD for a major gift can reduce future RMD and allow preservation of capital gain assets which get a step up at death

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