Charitable Gift Annuity

Greg Sutliff has lived one way throughout his 91 years, and it has never failed him. Driven by honesty and ethics, he’s been successful in business, which has enabled him to give generously to Masonic Village and his community. Investing in stocks earlier in his life was a wise decision. They appreciated well, but they were no longer providing much return, so he considered other options.

Charitable Bequests: Simple & Flexible, But Too Often Outdated & Undisclosed

For many years, Pennsylvania Masons and their loved ones have generously supported our Masonic Charities through lifetime gifts, deferred gifts and bequests. In 2021, Giving USA reported that 9% of all charitable gifts were made through bequests. The total giving through bequests increased by 400% between 1980 to 2020, which demonstrates the upward trending and popularity in this approach to [...]

Tax-Smart Giving: Using Appreciated Securities

A couple months ago, I was discussing gift planning options with Peter, one of our Masonic Charities donors. While contemplating a $25,000 cash gift, Peter mentioned owning some appreciated stock. “It would be hard to part ways with stock,” Peter said. “What makes you so attached to your stock investment?” I asked. “Well, it’s performed well for the 20+ [...]

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